Espresso 57 – Instant coffee

Instant coffee

Chọn loại sản phẩm
Provenance: Central and South America Bean type: 100% Arabica
Độ đậm
Độ rang
Độ chua
The secret of Davidoff Espresso 57 lies in the fine balance between roasting time and temperature. Traditional drum roasting allows the beans to gently develop their full flavor and give this Espresso its distinctive taste. Discover the smooth aroma and slight chocolate notes, that will please your senses.


Tantalizing layers of taste and aroma overlap to deliver long lasting satisfaction

A blend with the measured intensity required to fuel the lifestyle of the modern explorer. Like all great things, the beauty of Espresso 57 is echoed in its simplicity. This coffee is a way for traditionalists and progressives alike to limit unnecessary distractions in favor of small moments of sensory pleasure.


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